Volunteer or come work with us!

There are a number of different ways to work with B2G Events. This includes seasonal work, full-time positions, part-time positions, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Working as an events VOLUNTEER is one of the best ways to access some of the world’s best and biggest events. Volunteering is a great way to discover something you are really good at or to further develop an existing skill.  It is never too late to develop new skills.  Volunteer activities are wonderful opportunities to try new things and develop expertise in new areas that can enhance your career and personal life.  Volunteer work can contribute to both skill development and in improving leadership skills.


B2G's INTERNSHIP is for college credit and runs from March to November. It is a non-paid internship with flexible hours (minimum 20 per week) to reflect the need of your college credit requirements. Festival Internships are short-term work experiences for a designated period of time that allow college students the opportunity to observe and participate in the professional work environment, to explore how his/her interests relate to possible careers, and to gain practical experience in an industry relating to their field of study or interest. In search of a highly motivated, organized and most importantly, enthusiastic individual who is interested in working within the very heart of the entertainment industry!  

We are always looking for team members to WORK with us. Please download our employment application below and email it to us along with your resume (if you have one). Tell us more about yourself! Come join in the fun of working in the Event/Festival World!


Download our job application

job-application (pdf)